XenonDepot XD7.5 7.5 Ohm Resistor

XenonDepot XD7.5 7.5 Ohm Resistor

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Premium Resistance: Load resistors are regularly required in many vehicles to fix the dreaded “Lamp Out” warning light on the dash, or the annoying “fast-flash / hyper-flash” after changing out the stock bulbs to LED or HID; LED and HID lighting upgrades typically draw less power then OEM incandescent or halogen bulbs, which makes your vehicle think that there’s a problem – hence the error code. XenonDepot’s XD6 7.5-Ohm 50W (1% tolerance) ceramic load resistors simulate 7.5-ohms at 50W, and are designed to “trick” your vehicle and fix draw related issues. You’ll find lower priced options out there (commonly gold aluminum resistors) that basically accomplish the same task, but they heat up to unsafe +430° F temperatures! XD7.5 7.5-Ohm resistors only get half as hot – check out the comparison pictures below!

Heat Warning: Aside from being safer to use, our XD7.5 7.5-Ohm resistors are weather tight and fully sealed from the elements. 18” of wiring makes finding an installation location easy; they will still get hot, and should be mounted away from plastic or other wiring – just not nearly as hot as lower priced alternatives. At the end of the wiring, you’ll find a 9005/9006 connector complete with moisture-proof grommets which makes installing and removing these a breeze!

  • What's Included

  • RESISTOR: 1x XD7.5 7.5-Ohm Resistor

  • WIRING: 9006 Input

  • WARRANTY: 3 Years

  • Compatibility

  • LED HyperFlash: Yes



  • Tech Specs

  • LOAD: 7.5ohm 50W @ 12V DC

  • SKU:1 × XD.H100