HYLUX D1 Ballast Diode Dynamics

HYLUX D1 Ballast Diode Dynamics

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This is a D1 compatible 35 watt HID ballast, from HYLuxTEK. With true OEM-grade manufacturing, these ballasts are intended to perform for years, with absolutely zero failures.

If you have a D1 OEM HID setup with a failed ballast, you can purchase one of these to get back up and running at a fraction of the cost of a new ballast from the dealer. Check your factory wires, you might not even need to do any wiring! The input and output connections on this ballast are D1 standard. However, if yours is different, just add the D1 input and output wires to your order. The input wire comes with a pigtail, so you can simply tap the positive and negative input wires into the wires that powered your original ballast.

This ballast should be used with D1 bulbs only (D1S, D1R, etc). If you have a D2 bulb, or a standard aftermarket AMP HID size such as 9006, H1, or H11, please use our AMP or D2 ballast instead. We recommend using high-quality D1 aftermarket bulbs with this ballast, or OEM-grade bulbs such as Philips or OSRAM. For D1 size, the igniter is built into the bulb, and some cheap bulbs may not perform well.

If you have good bulbs, this ballast will work with them without any issue. If you're having a problem, and not sure if you need a ballast or bulb, just contact us, and we can help you figure it out!

Most ballasts these days run with digital signal processing (DSP). This allows for a much smoother and more reliable power output, faster warmup, and longer bulb life. However, most digital ballasts still use standardized computing chips to process the information. It is very cost-efficient to use standard chips off the shelf. Instead, the HYLux uses a computing chip designed specifically for the purpose of running an HID bulb.

This is known as an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). While this is much more expensive than a generic chip, it allows the HYLux ballast to operate with extremely high efficiency and performance, far exceeding that of any generic ballast on the market.

The ballast is fully sealed in electrically-safe sealant material, known in the industry as potting. It's not just coated like cheaper ballasts, instead, it is filled to the brim, making the ballast completely waterproof and shockproof. The ballast will make a humming noise during operation- most assume this is bad, but actually, it is primarily a result of microscopic air pockets resonating inside, audible proof that the ballast is completely airtight.
Your order includes:

  • 1 HYLux D1 HID Ballast
  • Weatherproof D1 Power Input and Output Wires (optional)
  • Diode Dynamics 3-Year Warranty

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