Bolt-On Breather Vent
Bolt-On Breather Vent
Bolt-On Breather Vent

Bolt-On Breather Vent

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Product Details

Versatile: Building a custom set of headlights, and worried about moisture problems? These bolt-on breather vents are the perfect solution to let moisture exhale from your housings, without letting moisture in.

Simple To Use: Drill a 12mm hole in your housings, insert the front-side of the breather vent in, tighten on the lock nut - and you're ready to roll!

Better: Than the traditional moisture membranes, because they bolt-on rather than just stick on. Therefore, these headlight moisture vents won’t ever fall off - and leave you with a big hole in the back of your housing.

Pros: These are the new standard in the most professional way to keep your headlights dry. For the price, the piece of mind is priceless!


  • What's Included

  • PATCHES: 2x Bolt-on Moisture Breathers

  • HARDWARE: Silicon o-ring + lock ring

  • Compatibility

  • HOLE SIZE: 12mm Required

  • RETROFITS: Great to reduce risk of moisture!

  • Tech Specs



  • MATERIAL: Plastic

  • LOCATION: Upper 1/2 of Headlight recommended

  • SKU:WP9