5202 / 2504: MORIMOTO XB HID
5202 / 2504: MORIMOTO XB HID
5202 / 2504: MORIMOTO XB HID
5202 / 2504: MORIMOTO XB HID

5202 / 2504: MORIMOTO XB HID

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NO COMPARISON: When it comes to HID bulbs, Morimoto has always brought us the best in the aftermarket, and their latest examples are no exception. Sure we think the options from Philips and Osram are great too, but when it comes to bang for the buck - nothing compares to the Morimoto XB HID lineup. Compatible with 35W and 55W: The XB's will produce more lumens, last longer, project farther, and look better doing it.

LUMINOSITY: At the heart of the XB 5202 / 2504 bulbs is their perfectly aligned 100% Philips quartz glass that houses a capsule from APL-USA. Using high quality halide salts from German-supplier Messer; the bulbs produce nearly the same luminosity (intensity) as the amazing Osram CBI bulbs at 5500K. No, you're not seeing things here, but yes you will be seeing everything at night. 

LONG LIFE: The Austrian-sourced Plansee electrodes help keep the bulbs running brighter for longer. In comparison to a Philips bulb with 200 hours of use; the Morimoto will maintain 83% of it's intensity whereas the Philips bulb will retain 86%. Yeah, the Philips maintains a little longer, but this kind of longevity is unheard of in the aftermarket. We're impressed!

PRECISE ALIGNMENT: Morimoto's Symmetry-Structure frame surrounds the base of the glass capsule keeping everything properly lined up, which is paramount when it comes to HID bulbs. In the past we all agreed that precision wasn't the strong suit for the XB bulbs...but the latest are indeed the greatest - and they're now consistently well-aligned, which is a good thing - because it means the output is also consistently bright and uniform throughout. [Applause]

INDUSTRY STANDARD: The XB replacement HID bulbs are built to industry-standard size specifications and are compatible with all ballasts with "AMP" outputs - making them a perfect match for a replacement bulb or upgrade! We've tested them here in the shop for reliability with all ballasts from Morimoto, Hylux, ACME, Denso, Hella, Bosch, and Koito and passed with ease.


HID BULBS: 2x 5202/2504/PSX24W Morimoto XB HID


LOW VOLTAGE WIRING: 2x 9006 female cables / seals

ACCESSORIES: Alcohol pads (to clean bulbs before use)


HEADLIGHTS: 5202, 2504, PSX24W

INPUTS: AMP Male/Female

WATTAGE: 35w and 55w (35w recommended)

CONFIRM FITMENT: Find my size!


BULB SIZE: 5202 / PSX24W / 2504

LIFESPAN: 2500 Hours

WATTAGE: 35W and 55W

3000K: Golden Amber (~2800 lm)

4500K: Warm White (~3500 lm)

5500K: Pure White (~3400 lm)

6500K: Cool White (~3200 lm)

55W BALLASTS: (+20% lm) (-1000K)